At the new facility in Gandhinagar, ESI will increase and expand the national and international training and awareness projects that are currently being successfully run. Activities that will be pursued at Sughad include:

  1. Orientation and training programs for government and NGO officials on sanitation under the central government of India’s Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan (NBA).
  2. Innovative short-term classes and programs for students, teachers, health workers, etc. on local sanitation issues
  3. Conferences/Events
  4. Research on sanitation, water, hygiene, the environment, and sustainable development.
  5. Value base training for Anganvadi worker, Supervisor & CDPO.
  6. Orientation for Nursing, Medical, MSW & MRS students.
  7. 3 Training programme for villages Sarpanchs, Talatis & active members.
  8. 3 Spiritual retreats on Head, Hand & Heart- Moved by love retreats.
  9. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.
  10. Awareness campaign in Gujarat state villages by NANDINI MOBILE VAN.
  11. Celebration of international hand wash day on 15th October in Grassroots.
  12. Celebration of Women day on 8th March and 7th April as a World health day.
  13. Events and acts of kindness & services on 13th September, birth of Sri Ishwarbhai & Death Anniversary on 26th December.