Nowadays Gujarat state is known as the growth engine off our country. Many corporates came to the state and have expanded their businesses with basic values of Gujarat culture. Under the great laddership of Shree Jayeshbhai Patel who is the Director of ESI, we have gotten more involved in CSR activities. Some of the leading corporates of the state i.e. Shaporji Palonji & co, Torrent Power, Wild woods resorts & reality pvt. Ltd, IL & Fs pvt. Ltd . want to join their hands with ESI as their implementation cum resource dissemination partner.

As the first step of CSR activities ESI started baseline survey work in the field area i.e. villages allotted by corporates. Through the baseline survey, real needs of villages were identified. After baseline survey work, ESI prepared VDP (Village development plan) for each village and submitted to representative corporates. In the continuation of the project and follow to baseline survey, ESI sent  “Nandini Van” to each village and started value-based service activities like interaction on personal hygiene, nail-cutting, food & nutrition, adolescent, water harvesting, solid & liquid waste management etc.

1. Sapurji Palalonji (SP)

In four villages along the coast of Gujarate, the SP program offers programs to increase sanitation awareness, women’s empowerment, and vocational skills training.


2. Wildwoods Gir CSR Project

Wild woods csr programe 2 Wild woods csr programe 3

The land of Saurashtra is known for its hospitality and it is also the land of saints and monastics. The forests of Gir are home to the Asiatic lions and many species of flora and fauna. ESI works in twelve villages of Dhari block, Amreli district since the past 1.5 years on an integrated development project. We work to bring prosperity into the community through various mediums starting from sanitation, health, employment of women, afforestation to water.

Wild woods csr programe 4 Wild woods csr programe 5

This project is supported by Wild Woods Resorts and Reality Pvt. Ltd. The idea of this work is to not only to provide employment to the local community but to exhibit the culture of Gir. This is an eco-resort set up with the intention to co-exist with nature. This project is coordinated from ESI with two staff members full time placed in Gir.

3. Tata Housing CSR Project

Tata housing & Torrent csr 3 Tata housing & Torrent csr 4

Tata Housing and ESI are partnering together for the improvement of sanitation habits and facilities in three Gandhinagar District villages on Kalol block: Vadasar, Moti bhoyan and Khatraj. Tata Housing is currently developing a large housing complex in the area and is investing in the quality of life in the surrounding villages through this partnership. Tata Housing offers program infrastructure support, while the ESI team is focusing on developing relationships through which to inspire habit change and increased awareness of sanitation issues.

Tata housing & Torrent csr 5 Tata housing & Torrent csr 10