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Students from colleges in Gujarat that undertake constructive work in the society and are based on Gandhian thoughts come to ESI for an internship. Students from Gujarat Vidhyapith, Lok Bharti – Sanosra, Lok Niketan – Ratanpur, Lok Vidhyalay – Valukad, Ganpat University and many such institutions come for internships, field placement and job placements. These internships are 15 days to six months long. During these internships the students are introduced and engaged in various activities of ESI. As the students stay here and spend their time – the intention and the humble effort of every member is to plant the seeds of inner transformation in them. They are all engaged with the community life at the institute. In the future these students will connect and contribute in society and therefore they are introduced to the extended ecosystem of ESI. All the small acts of kindness and service not only help build their character but also open up the doors of their hearts. And, therefore take the thoughts of service into the society with a spirit of compassion.

Every year about 250–300 students come for an internship. Many students have experienced transformation through small acts of kindness. The role of ESI has been to work with individual students as the belief is – that if one person transforms the society will transform. The work of ESI is plant seeds and these seeds blossom as students go out and serve in society.