Nursing 1 Nursing 2

ESI – Sughad today has become a place of pilgrimage for medical and nursing students. According to the WHO reports, 80% diseases happen because of poor sanitation and unsafe drinking water. These days the numbers of hospitals are increasing in society and there is a reason to this. This is due to lack of understanding and clear direction about a healthy lifestyle. As a part of the curriculum nursing and medical students study sanitation and whilst they study how to treat a disease or a health problem, they also go to different institutions to understand the prevention of these diseases.

Nursing 3

Every year about 1000 students from 20 – 25 different colleges of Gujarat come to ESI to understand and study the sanitary culture. Their education begins the moment they enter the gates of ESI. Every corner of the building is designed mindfully to give out subtle and direct messages of a healthy and meaningful life. As much as the students study the hardware of sanitation and the treatment there is a greater emphasis on the software which is cultivation of the minds. And to take this kind of work into the society, one needs to develop an inner strength which comes with certain practices of service, silence, yoga and meditation. The seeds of these practices are planted in the minds of students. The students take the thoughts and practices of spirituality, service and generosity as they go from here into the world. They now look at their patients as their family and treat them with not only medicines but with love and compassion in their hearts.