Welcome to the Environmental Sanitation Institute. We are an NGO that has been working since 1985 in the areas of training, construction, and supervision of environmental sanitation campaigns across India. Our passion to change the current poor national and global sanitation situation stems from the Gandhian philosophy of eradication of untouchability. The dangerous and demeaning practice of scavenging, or manual removal of faeces, and its designation to the lowest caste in India has been the motivation for our mother NGO, Safai Vidyalaya to start and continue working since 1963.

Our renown for expertise in low-cost sanitary technology spawned the construction of a new training and education center for sanitation to meet the need and demand for such programs. Recently completed, the site will be used not only for current training and capacity building programs, but will also expand to providing training, workshops, and research opportunities for professionals, NGO representatives, university and post-graduate level students. The eco-friendly site reflects the spirit of Gandhi as well as our dedication to creating a world free of untouchability and harmful pollution and waste.