Students of sanitary inspection come to ESI for orientation trainings. Students come from 18 institutes from all over Gujarat for one day induction. Every year more than 800 sanitary inspection students participate in these programs. Here again the focus is on inner and outer cleanliness. The focus of this program is to orient the sanitary inspectors of tomorrow to sanitation as a way of life and the culture of good sanitation. If they will understand this today, they will be better informed to serve the society tomorrow. They are introduced to the current problems of water, sanitation and health. Alongside they are also introduced to what all they could do to solve these problems as sanitary inspectors. The king of sanitation is toilet and these inspectors are introduced to different models and designs of toilets. All this work is done with the students in the spirit of compassion and service for them to carry the same forward in all the work they will do in the future.

Water is life and Sanitation is a way of life.